An organism that uses reduced inorganic compounds as its electron source.

Microbiology. . 2009.

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  • Lithotroph — A lithotroph is an organism that uses an inorganic substrate (usually of mineral origin) to obtain reducing equivalents for use in biosynthesis (e.g., carbon dioxide fixation) or energy conservation via aerobic or anaerobic respiration.[1] Known… …   Wikipedia

  • Lithotroph — Lithotrophie bezeichnet einen Begriff aus der Biologie: die Deckung des Energiebedarfs von Lebewesen aus exergonen chemischen Umsetzungen mit ausschließlich anorganischen Stoffen. Das Wort Lithotrophie kommt aus dem Griechischen und bedeutet… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • lithotroph — Cell or organism that depends upon inorganic compounds as electron donors for energy production …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • lithotroph — noun An organism that obtains its energy from inorganic compounds (such as ammonia) via electron transfer …   Wiktionary

  • lithotroph — An organism whose carbon needs are satisfied by carbon dioxide. Cf.:chemoautotroph. * * * litho·troph (lithґo trōf) [litho + Gr. trophē nutrition] autotroph …   Medical dictionary

  • lithotroph — /ˈlɪθətroʊf/ (say lithuhtrohf) noun an extremophile which lives underground without light or organic food supplies, obtaining carbon from carbon dioxide gas and energy by stripping electrons from the atoms of inorganic minerals in the surrounding …   Australian English dictionary

  • autotroph — (= lithotroph) Organisms that synthesize all their organic molecules from inorganic materials (carbon dioxide, salts etc.). May be photo autotrophs or chemo autotrophs, depending upon the source of the energy. Also known as lithotrophic organisms …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • Endolith — lifeform found inside an Antarctic rock An endolith is an organism (archaeum, bacterium, fungus, lichen, alga or amoeba) that lives inside rock, coral, animal shells, or in the pores between mineral grains of a rock. Many are extremophiles,… …   Wikipedia

  • Organotroph — An organotroph is an organism that obtains hydrogen or electrons from organic substrates (a form of a chemotroph). Antonym: Lithotroph See also Lithotroph Heterotroph Primary nutritional groups …   Wikipedia

  • Endolith — Endolithische Flechte der Gattung Verrucaria Als endolithisch wird die Lebensweise von Organismen im Inneren von Gesteinen bezeichnet (Endo : innen, im Inneren; lithos: der Stein). Die endolithische Lebensweise findet man nur bei Mikroorganismen …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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